Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)BFA in illustration, Providence, RI


Sarah Lawrence College (SLC)Bronxville, NY

Relevant Work Experience

Buoy Health, Boston, MA - Medical Illustrator - October 2020-Present

Working directly with art director to create original medical illustrations for Buoy Health, an online symptom checker and diagnostics platform driven by artificial intelligence. Illustrations are made using a combination of traditional and digital media which are then checked by the Buoy Medical team for anatomical and medical accuracy. The images are then displayed alongside articles on the Buoy Health website.

New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY - Botanical Illustrator/Graphic Designer - 2019-Present

Working directly with Dr. Kate Armstrong on her publication project The Medicinal Flora of Myanmar. Creating original illustrations of fruits, flowers and leaves of various plants included in the book for which there are no available photographs. To be used as a field guide for medicinal plants in the region. Designing photo plates using photographs and illustrations. 

American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY - Scientific Illustrator - December 2020-April 2021

Worked directly with Dr. David Grimaldi, a researcher in entomology, to digitally render graphite drawings of fruit fly anatomy to be used in a thesis research publication. 

Glority Software, China - Botanical Illustrator - April 2020-August 2020

Created nearly 40 original watercolor botanical illustrations to be used for a printed planner/calendar sold to users of the Glority Software App Picture This, a plant identifying app, in China. Worked directly with the art team to create anatomically accurate botanical illustrations and delivered print-ready digital files for use by Glority Software. 

Dr. Christine Heisler, US - Medical Illustrator - November 2020-December 2020

Created original pen and ink illustrations of various anatomies and surgical techniques to be used in a medical research publication. Studied illustrations and photographs provided by Dr. Heisler to produce specific images related to the research being published. 

Kimball , US - Illustrator - October 2020-November 2020

Created watercolor illustrations of various furniture pieces within the Kimball product line to be used in a new marketing campaign for both print and web media. 


Eisenhauer Gallery, Edgartown, MA - May 2021

Castleberry Fairs and Festivals Labor Day Art Fair, Hyannis, MA - September 2020 (cancelled due to COVID-19)

RISD Alumni Sale, Providence, RI - October 2019

Washington Square Park Outdoor Art Exhibit, New York, NY - May 2019

Christmas Sale, South Salem, NY- December 2018

RISD Alumni Sale, Providence, RI - October 2018

RISD Senior Illustration Gallery Show, Providence, RI - May 2018


                   2nd Place in the watercolor category, Washington Square Park Outdoor Art Exhibit, May 2019

Honors Student (RISD), 2016-2018

ArtsAlive Scholarship (John Jay High School), 2014

Award of Excellence StArt Regional High School Art Competition O'Silas Gallery (Concordia College), 2013


Vegetable Series, Watercolor on paper 8in. by 8in.

Arctic Hare, Watercolor on paper 16in. by 20in.

                                , Watercolor on paper 12in. by 20in.

                   , Watercolor on paper 11in. by 14in.

Bison, Watercolor on paper 9in. by 12in.

               , Watercolor on paper 11in. by 14in.

                                   , Watercolor on paper 16in. by 20in.

               , Oil Pastel and Acrylic on canvas 2ft. by 4ft.

                                                   , Watercolor on paper, 14in. by 11in.

Watercolor on paper, 14in. by 11in.

        , Watercolor on paper 12in. by 20in

        , Watercolor on paper 11in. by 14in.

        , Watercolor on paper 12in. by 20in.