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Charlotte is a dedicated and detail-oriented illustrator with a deep interest in the sciences. She loves to research and truly understand the inner workings of the subjects of her drawings. 

Before attending RISD, Charlotte studied to be a dancer which inspired her passion for anatomy and how the internal anatomy of an object informs its superficial shape and its function. She is proficient in various traditional and digital media. Her studio would not be complete without her pencils, watercolors, dip pens and of course one of her many daily cups of coffee.  

Artist Statement

Drawing is a medium for understanding. I seek to investigate through my artwork and analyze the forms which inspire me to create and share my findings with the viewer, allowing them to learn with me about the small details of life we often take for granted. I want to understand how creatures and objects alike are put together, why they work that way and the purpose behind their beauty. To me, drawing is truly a study. I cannot accurately translate the anatomy of my subjects in a two-dimensional space without first understanding how they are put together and without understanding the anatomy I cannot portray their grandeur. Therefore each brush or pencil stroke represents a functional, active component of the structure of my subjects. 

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