Welcome! I am an illustrator, designer and fine artist specializing in visual

communication for the sciences.

Drawing is a medium for understanding. I seek to investigate through my artwork and analyze the forms which inspire me to create and share my findings with the viewer, allowing them to learn with me about the small details of life we often take for granted. I want to understand how creatures and objects alike are put together, why they work that way and the purpose behind their beauty. To me, drawing is truly a study. I cannot accurately translate the anatomy of my subjects in a two-dimensional space without first understanding how they are put together and without understanding the anatomy I cannot portray their grandeur. Therefore each brush or pencil stroke represents a functional, active component of the structure of my subjects. 



August, 2022

Ithaca Artist Market

Floressence Studio has been accepted into the Ithaca Artist Market! Come see my work August 12th 12:00pm-7:30pm


August-December, 2021

Boston Public Market

Come see the Floressence Studio pop-up at the Boston Public Market!


May, 2021

Eisenhauer Gallery

I will be showing my work outside the Eisenhauer Gallery in Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard this Memorial Day Weekend!


October, 2021

Greenway Artisan Fair

Floressence Studio has been accepted into the Greenway Artisan Fair in Boston and will be selling on October 3rd!


February, 2022

Pacific Orchid Exhibition

So happy to once again be part of the Pacific Orchid Exposition this February! New orchid cards are now available! These 5 card sets will also be for sale at the July Expo.


July, 2021

Watercolor Competition

I have been accepted into the 2nd Annual International Women in Watercolor Competition! My piece "Bearded Irises" was one of 170 pieces accepted out of 1600 submissions from 50 different countries!


February, 2020

Pacific Orchid Exhibition

So excited to announce that my orchid cards will be sold at the annual Pacific Orchid Festival this February! Also available in my shop!

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October, 2019

RISD Alumni Sale

Come see my work at the RISD Alumni Sale in Providence, RI!


June, 2022

RISD Alumni Sale

Come see my work at the first Annual Spring RISD Alumni Sale in Providence, RI!


July, 2021

Boston Public Market

Floressence Studio was invited to do a pop-up sale at the Boston Public Market! Come visit if you're in the area for some great local shopping!


May, 2019

Prize Winner!

"Tulips" wins second place in it's category at the Washington Square Park Outdoor Art Exhibit and has been sold!

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