A Selection of Freelance Projects 


My work includes a wide range of projects in various fields and industries. I approach every project with the same enthusiasm, professionalism and attention to detail. If you have a project you would like to discuss with me please see my contact page to get in touch with me! 




I work as a freelance medical illustrator for Buoy Health, an online symptom checker and diagnostics platform driven by artificial intelligence. 

I create original artwork to accompany articles detailing symptoms, causes and possible treatments for various illnesses and syndromes. 

I work directly with the art director creating medically accurate illustrations with the help of the Buoy medical team.

New York Botanical Garden

I am currently working on a book project with Dr. Kate Armstrong at the New York Botanical Garden

on the subject of Medicinal Flora of Myanmar. I work with Dr. Armstrong to create image plates as well as create original scientific illustrations to accompany species for which photographs are unavailable. This Project is ongoing.


Glority Software

I worked as a freelance botanical illustrator for Glority Software to create nearly 40 original watercolor paintings to be used for a printed planner/calendar. The calendar was available for purchase by users of Glority Software's App "Picture This" a plant identifying app. The planner was only available to users in China. 

I worked directly with the art team in China to create the illustrations, which were all checked for accuracy. 

The original Paintings are available for purchase in my shop under "Botanical Series"


Medical Illustration


I worked with Dr. Christine Heisler and Dr. Ushma Patel to create illustrations of various anatomies and surgical techniques to be used in an upcoming publication. Dr. Heisler and Dr. Patel sent both photographic and illustrative references for me to use to create my illustrations. After completing the sketches and making any necessary changes, I created the final artwork using dip pen and ink.


I worked with Dr. Bobby Garcia to create a series of illustrations of gynecological surgical techniques to accompany his thesis project for his residency. 

The illustrations depict various surgical techniques for labiaplasty. After studying the materials Dr. Garcia sent me to understand the techniques, I first completed sketches. Once the sketches were approved for accuracy by Dr. Garcia I continued on to the final artwork done in pen and ink and then worked with Dr. Garcia to create the final plates to be used in his thesis which he hopes to have published! 


Album Artwork

I have completed two album artwork projects. One for Party of the Sun featuring the mustard plant, and another for Ruby Sparks which included three different illustrations.


I was approached by the Ruby Sparks band to create original album artwork for his upcoming release.

The project consists of three separate images for two singles and the EP. After receiving a description of his artistic vision, I put together sketches for each piece. Once approved, I began work on the piece requiring the quickest turn around time. 

The Party of the Sun artwork was created using a similar process.

Party of the Sun
EP Art
Full Cover

San Francisco Orchid Society

I was asked by the Society to create a line of orchid themed cards to be sold as sets at their annual Pacific Orchid Exposition!


I made four original watercolor pieces which were then used to make the sets. These sets are also available for sale through my website!  


Solitude River Trips

This artwork was created as a T-shirt design for the Solitude River Trips company in Idaho. I worked with one of the company owners to create illustrations that would surround their logo. 

I created the artwork first and then placed it in the composition and sent multiple color options as requested by the client. I cannot wait to see the T-shirt printed!

Cutthroat Trout
Final Artwork with logo
Final Artwork with logo
Fish Tank
Two Story House
blood pressure cuff
Dust Rag
Baby Carriage

Colored Pencil

For this long term, ongoing project, I receive a list of objects to be drawn which are then used in exams for children.

I am currently in my second contract with the company who commissions this work and it is always exciting to get the new list of drawing subjects! Through this job I have been able to draw all kinds of animals, objects and characters I would have never have thought to draw myself.


After I send each batch of drawings, they are reviewed and I make any necessary changes or edits. I then scan and clean up all images to ensure they are ready for print. 




I completed twelve original graphite drawings based on menu items at the Bobcat Diner in California. I was responsible for the artwork, editing and layout of the menu.


I worked closely with the restaurant owner to create the exact images he had envisioned for his menus while working within the style that had already been set before I was added to the project. 

This gallery includes the menu images as well as sample pages of the completed menu to display my illustrations and layout.



Working closely with a researcher at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, I am in the process of creating scientific illustrations thermobia. These illustrations will be published in the next edition of this researcher's book.

These images were constructed first by using a camera lucida attachment on a microscope to capture the accurate proportions of the insect. I then created in habitus drawings from these proportions to create images that look as if the insect is alive. These initial drawings are now being rendered using the carbon dust technique on white color aid paper.

This is my first experience drawing within the field of entomology and I am enjoying every minute of learning from this project.

This project is still in progress and is being completed on a volunteer basis under the tutelage of the aforementioned researcher.


Audubon Society


I was contacted by a member of the board for the Bedford Audubon Society in Bedford, NY on a Thursday Morning and asked if I could create an illustration of a "happy mockingbird" by the following Monday and I immediately jumped on the opportunity. 

I completed multiple revisions on the image to be sure the client was happy with the final product, following the initial prompt. I spoke to the client regarding the purpose of the image and how to best fit the context of the project in terms of composition and medium.

This project was done on a volunteer basis for the invitation to an upcoming event at the time.