Let me help you bring your vision to life! If you have a potential commission you would like to discuss with me please see my contact page to get in touch with me!

Pricing varies according to the medium and size of the piece. If you would like me to handle framing, a handling fee will be added to the final cost. Clients are responsible for the cost of framing.



A Christmas gift for a true plant lover. This piece is 11"x14" watercolor. 


Commissioned as a holiday gift. A landscape painting of loved one's pond behind their home, featuring Sal and Dolly, the geese that reside there. This piece is 12"x20" watercolor. 

A Christmas gift from three siblings to their mother. This piece is 11"x14" watercolor. 


A Christmas gift featuring beloved pets. This piece is 12"x20" watercolor. 


This 19"x13" watercolor painting was created to commemorate a family vacation to Yosemite National Park. Hopefully the first in a series of vacation souvenir paintings!



A surprise portrait of a furry friend as a Christmas gift. This piece is 11"x14" watercolor and white ink. 


Oil Pastel daffodils on a 2 foot by 4 foot canvas, created as a surprise birthday gift. This piece is framed on a white brushed blonde wood floating frame.  


A Christmas gift for a young girl of her favorite stuffed Animal "Hipps." An 11"x14" watercolor painting.  

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